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good school toolkit

Over View

The Good Schools program is a holistic and sustainable methodology  that seeks to prevent violence against children and promote improved learning in a healthy, vibrant, and safe school. This program is guided by a set of creative ideas called the Good Schools Toolkit which consists of posters, handbooks booklets and other materials. The Good School Toolkit addresses the operational culture at school: knowledge, attitude, values and behavior that all stakeholders manifest at their school.

how we do it

We work with schools and communities to help them create a good environment for children at school and at home. Ideally, this is an environment where children feel safe and valued so that they can grow, develop and fulfill their potential.

what we do

with communities

FIRD with support from Raising Voices works very closely with communities, stakeholders and other development partners in Lango sub region to inspire action to prevent violence against children. We carry out home visits, open dialogues, show informative and inspiring community led films and community theater to spark action led conversation on prevention of violence against children and the education of girls. participatory dialogues are an essential part of our approach to give community members the opportunity to share their views, concerns and ideas and to encourage them to take action at the community level. This is called community/ local activism.

In schools

we engage teachers and school administration to develop creative ideas for schools to build healthier relationships with the learners. These ideas are guided by the Good School toolkit to allow space and opportunities for children to freely express themselves and give teachers the skills to be more responsive to their rights and  needs.