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End Child Marriage


 This project presents a holistic approach to contribute to reduction in child marriages. Currently there are not enough strategic actions that combine interventions that look at a holistic effort to empower girls to take bold action against child marriage, take decisions related to their sexuality and use of their body. The project is working with a number of stakeholders both at national and district level. Some of the structures include Members of Parliament, Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health.


Impact on Community

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How we do it

I am 22 years old from Anyike Village, Agolocom Parish, Agweng Sub County. I am a single mother to one child. I was abandoned by my parents at the age 15 on getting pregnant. My uncle accepted to take care of me with the pregnancy. Through the Decide End Child Marriage project, I was identified by the CPC to benefit in the vocational skills program, I was able to attain the skill of hair dressing from Ave Maria Vocational Institute. Since I hadn’t acquired capital to set up my own business, I got a per day employment in a nearby saloon from which I earn Ugx 10,000 to 20,000 per day. I am able to meet my household need. In addition, at the end of the month I can save Ugx 50,000. Currently I have Ugx 300,000 in savings which I keep in my savings group. I am planning to get a loan to set up a saloon in Agweng Town board near my home. In this way, I will be able to earn more and even create employment for someone else. I also want to get more skills in entrepreneurship so that I can further be equipped in business management. I want to thank FIRD for the good work they are doing in Agweng Sub County. May God continue to reward the project team who identified me from my village.

Akong Winnie Decide Beneficiary

i'm a COC member in Okwaloagabo youth group, before I joined champion of change group, it was hard for me to do domestic work since in our community most of them are done by girls and women so I believed in that and left them for my sisters, after attending the COC sessions, I now know that both boys and girls are equal hence boy can also help in doing the household cores. I have engaged myself to help empower the girls through showing them love and making them believe that they are as important and powerful as boys after going through the gender dialoguing session one of the topics in the COC module. The life am leaving now is far much different from the days when I used to be shy, disrespectful and refused to help my sisters with domestic work

Okello Emmanuel Champion of Change

Before the school engagement with Decide End Child marriage project under the component of Parents education teams (PETs) and Community Education Committees (CEC), the parents never thought of the benefits of Education where they would only engage their children in farming than providing the necessities for school and the school would record Zero pupils in the first week of reporting example in the first term of 2019, Oboo Primary school in Amugu sub county did not register any pupil in the first week of reporting which even attracted the attention of the district Education officer (DEO) of Alebtong District to identify the gaps but all in vein. The level of school dropout was also very high especially among girls, After the training of PETs and CEC, the pupil’s enrollment in the school increased from 60% in first term to 80% in third term meaning the parents got the concept of Participatory school governance.

Ajunju Martin Parent

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