Teacher-Pupil Relationship

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Teachers and pupils have a mutual relationship that places one at a disadvantage in absence of another, their decisions and actions affect each other. Based on this special relationship, certain expectations have to be met in order to thrive in the classroom environment.Gradually, some spoken or unspoken rules and systems have been established between these […]

International Day of Older Persons: 1st October

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Worldwide, the proportion of older persons (aged 60 years and above) stands at 11% and it’s anticipated to double by 2050 (UNDESA 2013). In sub-Saharan Africa, older persons comprise 5% of the population (UNFPA 2012). In Uganda, the current population of older persons is estimated at 1.6 million (5% of the population) and it is expected […]

Orientation of health workers and the district stake holders on the National Adolescent Health Policy and Service Standards;

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With an aim of developing a district based adolescent health committee through which the policy can be disseminated to the community in order to enhance service standards and effective implementation of the policy on SRHR/YFS in Lira and Alebtong Districts. FIRD Uganda believes in ending child marriage and teenage pregnancies by empowering young people/adolescents with […]

Orientation of stakeholders on Participatory School Governance methodology held on 27th September, 2018.

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World Bank ranked Uganda among the top 20 ‘hotspot’ countries for child marriages. In 2013 it was ranked 16th out of 25 with the highest rate of early marriages with 46% marrying before the age of 18 and 12% before 15 years, making child marriage cases in northern Uganda increase to a high level. Hence […]

Regional Workshop on Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights

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With support from PLAN International Uganda, PLAN Sweden and the Swedish international development cooperation agency (SIDA);Foundation for Integrated Rural Development (FIRD) is participating at the regional workshop to further engage with the different participants and partners from Uganda, Kenya, Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan on enhancing the Adolescent sexual reproductive health and rights(ASHR) in the region and we are delighted to visit […]

Why is violence against children on the rise and who is to blame?

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Violence against children is increasingly becoming a global problem, according to UN children’s agency UNICEF. Reports show that an estimated one billion children experience moderate to severe physical abuse each year. In Uganda, three in every four young adults have experienced some form of violence during childhood and one in every three young adults have […]

Community Healing and Memory Dialogue


Community Healing and Memory Dialogue Reparations for sexual and gender based violence cases require a multi-dimensional development approach.Through FIRD-Ug  grassroots perspective approach, We  were  delighted to engage with the community today to share our experiences and further  contribute to the healing process. Both women and men have shown tremendous progress through their self-reliance, group support […]