About Us

Who we are

Foundation for Integrated Rural Development (FIRD) is a registered Community Based Organization operating in northern Uganda Established in 2005. For over 13 years FIRD has been part of the great human rights grassroots Organizations and is committed to achieving gender equality, addressing Gender Based Violence, promoting sustainable development and human rights for improved quality and livelihood in rural communities in Northern Ugand.

FIRD has a Board as its supreme decision making authority and our board members are a mix of activists, policy makers, practitioners ,researchers , business people committed to promoting gender equality with expertise in different and relevant fields to guide the organization’s strategic direction and they monitor policies, procedures and reviews organizational performance reports

FIRD has a committed team of staff with various expertise in human rights with a passion of promoting human rights in the post conflict communities

The overall Goal: To transform the lives of the rural community through improved livelihoods, skills development, respect for human rights and ensure active community participation in socio-economic development.

Mission: To improve the quality of life and standards of living of rural communities through research, Advocacy and capacity building.

Vision: Having empowered communities that drive their social-economic development needs freely.