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Foundation for Integrated Rural Development (FIRD) is a women-led nonprofit organization based in Northern Uganda working towards the prevention of violence against women and children and strives to improve the community livelihoods, promote peaceful communities to create a society free of human rights abuse and violations.

FIRD was established to support women, girls and children that were victims and survivors of conflict related sexual violence in Internally Displaced persons (IDPs) camps and the communities during the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) war that lasted for 2 decades i

since our establishment in 2005 in Lango sub-region, FIRD’s dedication has been to make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable especially women, girls, children, adolescents, young women and youth. Our work to-date is as a result a visionary leadership along with a strong Board of Directors and a vibrant committed staff that continues to advance gender equality, social justice and respect for human rights and human dignity.

Foundation for Integrated Rural Development has grown as an organization and through our growth, efforts and experiences , we have leant that empowering women , girls ,youth and working in collaboration with men and boys plays a key role in advancing human rights and creating more inclusive and peaceful homes and communities for social change and social justice . Through this we continue to commit to advancing the rights of the most vulnerable in the rural post conflict communities.

Over 13 years, we continue to witness women , children , girls and youth in post conflict Northern Uganda take a step at a time to rely on their abilities, knowledge , experiences, creativity and perseverance to improve their livelihoods , promote peaceful communities , provide for their families and use their voice , agency and their experiences to create and build their just world. This continues to INSPIRE us as a team to further INSPIRE women and girls to walk the journey of advancing gender equality, respect for human rights and dignity and create a society that is free from human rights abuse


core values

social justice for all

non discrimination

equity & equality

transparency & accountability

partnership building


SDGs we contribute to

The Team

Patrick Ogwal

Head of Accounts

oluma Hagard

Project Officer - DECIDE

Apitta Daniel

Project Co-ordinator

With an adept personality, Daniel is passionate about supporting and empowering vulnerable communities.

omunyokol denis

Ptojects Officer - INSPIRE