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International Day of Older Persons: 1st October

Uganda’s elderly population to double to 2.5 million by 2040

Worldwide, the proportion of older persons (aged 60 years and above) stands at 11% and it’s anticipated to double by 2050 (UNDESA 2013). In sub-Saharan Africa, older persons comprise 5% of the population (UNFPA 2012). In Uganda, the current population of older persons is estimated at 1.6 million (5% of the population) and it is expected to increase to 5.5 million in 2050 (UBOS and ICF International 2012). As we join the World today the 1st of October 2018  to celebrate the International Day of the Older persons , Ugandans, the Government and all relevant stakeholders should continuously question our selves what the plan is for this growing population to ensure the Older persons are not left behind  #UHCforolderpersons #Genderinclusion #leavingnoonebehind #upholdingolderpersonsrights #creatingspacesforolderpersonsvoices #desiginginclusivedevelopmentprojects