Community Healing and Memory Dialogue


Community Healing and Memory Dialogue

Reparations for sexual and gender based violence cases require a multi-dimensional development approach.Through FIRD-Ug  grassroots perspective approach, We  were  delighted to engage with the community today to share our experiences and further  contribute to the healing process. Both women and men have shown tremendous progress through their self-reliance, group support and economic empowerment which has greatly improved their livelihoods contributing to transformative and gender sensitive reparations for survivors of Sexual Violence in northern Uganda.

Esther   noted that “the support given to us through economic empowerment has greatly enhanced our livelihood which has helped us forget the past and focus on the future for our selves and the children, we are greatly thankful to FIRD-UG for the continued support and encouragement”.

Yuventino also shared with us some words of wisdom and he noted that for the case of healing all they need is someone to talk to because this helps us to relive the stress and thoughts that are always kept in our hearts and minds especially when we are alone and get more traumatized”.

FIRD -Ug believes that in order to contribute towards a holistic Gender Inclusive Transitional Justice process, we should engage with all impacted members of the communities at all levels to build sustainable peace, achieve justice and promote reconciliation in the post conflict communities.






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