Teacher-Pupil Relationship

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Teachers and pupils have a mutual relationship that places one at a disadvantage in absence of another, their decisions and actions affect each other. Based on this special relationship, certain expectations have to be met in order to thrive in the classroom environment.Gradually, some spoken or unspoken rules and systems have been established between these two individuals. On the surface, the main aspect of this relationship has been founded, typically on responsibility and obligation that these individuals feel about each other, yet in depth are other elements in to a teacher and pupil’s relationship which work more than obligation.

The qualities of a good teacher are less, never the less. Never less, among these, we can mention a few must have basic traits for an educator, to worthy of a teacher title. Qualities such as, kindness, self-control, duty, reliability, sportsmanship, and ingenuity are among the many of characteristics of a good teacher who wants to have a nurturing and nourishing relationship with pupils. For example, the kind and reliable teachers are always available for their learner’s mentality and physically; they spend much of their precious time after school to help pupils learn a subject matter. Through many of our experience that each of us had, during our schooling period, which could relate to many stories that we have heard personally about the teacher and learner relationship. Many of these stories have shown us that effect of a good relationship turns a pupil and change his or her life.

There are thousands of stories about pupils who were on the verge of failing or were being expelled from school, as a result unacceptable behavior or performance. However, a kind devoted parent teacher intervened and offered guidance, in so doing they become a crucial turning point ushering in the student’s transformation. Such efforts and devotion often go unappreciated.

The 5th of October (International Teachers Day) serves purpose to honor and celebrate these teachers without whom we would be lost.

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